• LC Owen

The Omega Prize Book Review

The Omega Prize is a book written by Leann Ryans. This is the first book in her Omegaverse series. What is an Omegaverse? I wasn't exactly sure when I started to read this book, and I definitely needed more insight when I got into it. While I still don't fully understand the Omegaverse sub-genre, I have a basic understanding. Alpha males and omega females have a very unique dynamic in which the omega female lets off a scent during her heat cycle that attracts the alpha male. While not all females are omegas, the ones that do that have that biology are highly sought after by the alphas.

This story follows the main character, Brie, who happens to be an omega. Living on a space station is tough because the heat suppressant pills that she needs are hard to come by. There's a lot of sexual tension between her and one Alpha in particular--Zander. Ryans does a great job at building suspense and tension while keeping her story simple and to the point. There's no crazy wording just to try to fill pages. In all I found the story engaging and entertaining. I give it a five out of five stars!

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