• LC Owen

The Headsmans Daughter (a novel)

Karmilla was born with a destiny; to someday succeed her father as the Headsman of Vale, the hereditary High Executioner of the Realm.

But rank and status are not gifts, and Karmilla must earn her heritage, as an officer of the Lord Protector's Lifeguard, as a commander in the field, and ultimately as a warrior fit to assume her father's mantle.

On the frontiers of the Realm, an enclave of the banned and broken Slavers' Cult have unearthed an ancient evil. To win her spurs and her father's titles, Karmilla must train and lead a squad of Riflewomen into the dark, to infiltrate and destroy the canker festering in the Cult's hidden fortress...

Action, adventure, sex, swordplay and sorcery in this High-Fantasy epic: The Headsman's Daughter

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