• LC Owen


When an experimental treatment goes wrong...

Ashley wonders if her life is really all its cracked up to be. She's gained weight, her face is wrinkled, and her husband just doesn't appreciate her anymore. When Ashley decides to try an experimental treatment, she thinks all of her dreams have come true. Little did she know, that the grass was a little greener than she anticipated.

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A short story by: LC Owen

About the Author:

LC Owen is a mom of two boys. She began her authorship writing poetry and children's rhyming books. From the time she was a preschool teacher, she knew she loved reading books aloud to make the story come alive. In her podcast, she narrates stories in her given genre Sci-Fi Fantasy with a hint of Romance. She began writing The Islands of Sedania in 2015 after several romantic set-backs in her life. What was once used as therapy, turned into a hobby and love of writing. Take an adventure in the creative minds of a fantasy world by following she and other authors on her podcast.

Purchase your copy of her novel The Islands of Sedania which follows Liza through a portal to find her missing children. When a sinister stranger tries to seduce her, she knows she must not give in. With a bit of sci-fi, fantasy, and romance, see why people just can't put this novel down!