• LC Owen

Fractured Magic: Academy of Fae Metaphysics (The Shadow Portal Book 1) Kindle Edition

A broken portal. Fading magic. And a perilous quest for the truth. After five years in hiding, Raina Raeyelle, heir to the Light Fae court and ex-spokesfae of Human-Fae relations, returns to New York City to salvage her fading magic and learn the true fate of her people. But with the only link to her realm gone and the city overtaken by Dark Fae who would kill her in an instant, she has little hope of finding the answers she seeks.

If things couldn’t get any worse, the Academy and Museum of Fae Metaphysics—a Dark Fae institution Raina knows is intended to spread lies about Fae history and turn the human world against her kind—was built directly over the ruins of the Light Fae portal.

The portal they destroyed.

Desperate to know the truth, Raina conceals her identity so she can join the Academy and do whatever it takes to find out the truth... Even though she fears the worst.

Her people are either trapped in their realm with no link the outside world, or her home is destroyed and the entire Light Fae race has perished. If the first, she intends to find a way home at all cost. If the second, she intends to avenge her people and set the lies straight.

Either way, she has no intention of playing nice.


"Raina Raeyelle is a perfect lead. Strong enough but not all-powerful, smart enough but not all knowing, lucky at times and unlucky at others, she knows what she needs to achieve and does her best to get there despite the odds against it. Set in an urban fantasy world that works beautifully[...] A world where even some of one's enemies (the dark fae in Raina's case) can include good people seemingly worth befriending. An excellent story. Highly recommended." ★★★★★ Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer, Top Contributor: Fantasy Books.

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Publisher's note: Fractured Magic was previously released as Portal in 2017. We hope you enjoy the newly revised and extended version, written by N.M. Howell and Eric Turowski.

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