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Author Spotlight Charles Moffat Fantasy Fables and Archery Instructor

Charles Moffat is an professional archery instructor who teaches people from all over the world. People from the USA, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and other countries visit Toronto just to study archery with him. He is married and has an infant son, which drains much of his free time. So when he gets a chance to write, he often writes fables, short stories and anthologies set in the fictional kingdom of Korovia. Every week he adds more information, more fables, and more short stories set in the kingdom.

So far, he has written 11 fables that are available on his website. All the fables are free to read. He has written other works including: The Lilith Bloodstone Series, The Crimson Companions Series, the solo novel 'Rise of the Blade', and is currently working on multiple other projects including The Adventures of Wrathgar, The Chronomancer Series, Wulfric the Wanderer, and a web series known as "The Girl in the Red Hoodie" (which is a superhero story, not fantasy). He has also written 2 books of poetry, and regularly publish nonfiction in archery magazines.

LC Owen Books is happy to announce our latest podcast episode The Fable of the Incubus of Izahmet that tells the tale of three clever sisters who outsmart an Incubus. Bread-making has never been so deliciously fun! You can follow Charles Moffat and his work on Facebook or Twitter.


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