• LC Owen

A Deadly Obsession: Excerpt + Giveaway

Updated: Jun 3


My brain obviously wasn’t running on full steam yet. I didn’t notice Lucas standing outside my room.

“How did you sleep?” My heart gallops and I turn gawking at him like he just stepped out of the wall.

He takes a step towards me and I’m searching the landing for the other girls but the area is empty.

I’m flustered as I stare at him, he is dangerously gorgeous. Once again he wears all black and with inky hair and dark eyes, I know I should run. I lock my knees and raise my chin. Hoping my fear isn’t showing.

“Fantastic,” I lie.

He smirks and steps closer. I want to run, but I force myself to hold still.

“You look nervous.” He comes closer now and I keep my hands clenched behind my back so he can’t see the tremble in them.

“No,” I say quickly.

His smirk widens. “Now, now, Ella, you can’t lie. I told you that already.” He’s reached me now and I flinch as he takes my chin in his hand. “Your eyes tell me what you feel.”

Oh God, I tighten my legs so I don’t fall down.

“Good.” I fake a smile and hope he can read my eyes now as I force as much hate into them as I can.

His laughter has me flinching again. My heart races faster.

“Can I go?” I bite out each word.

His smile dies on his face and my stomach hollows as he releases my chin.

I’ve angered him, his eyes grow darker. “You need to remember who you are speaking to.”

I grit my teeth. “Yes, Master Lucas.”

His smirk is back. “That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

My heart is in my throat as I stare at him. “No, Master Lucas.” I hope the sarcasm doesn’t fill my words.

“Now you are overdoing it, Ella.” His smirk is still present so I haven’t pissed him off completely.