For Authors

We are always taking short story submissions to add to the quality of our website.   We value you as an independent author and want you to get exposure.  First, we ask that you like and follow us on social media.  This way, you can keep up-to-date on the latest stories and get a feel for the kind of writing we are looking for.   Audio stories can be heard across several different podcasting apps and our YouTube channel.  We are looking for romantic short stories with a sci-fi, fantasy, or paranormal twist.   There is no pay or compensation if your story is chosen; however, we will feature you in our newsletter as an author and narrate your story for our podcast.   In return, we will credit you for your work and link the readers back to your website, author page, and novels.  This is a "non-exclusive" license for us to reproduce your original work for use on our podcast and YouTube channel. You must be the original author and sole owner of your work.  You maintain all the rights to your story.  We will also send you a copy of the audio for your own use on whichever platform you choose.  By filling out the submission form and sending us your story, you are agreeing to the terms.  Please keep stories 17K words or less. If we choose your story, we will  follow-up via email for your next steps.  Thank you for your interest and keep writing!

Author Submission Form